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Welcome to LadyBug Clicks!!!!

Lola LadyBug

Has Your Traffic Generation Become Stagnant?

Here at Ladybug Clicks we care about YOU! As a member and advertiser we realize the importance in securing quality traffic; ensuring maximum exposure to your sites; and the need to see actual growth in referrals and commissions. You can be sure that positive transformations are on the way!


  • LadyBug Clicks is FREE to join.
  • Generous signup bonus.
  • Very affordable advertising for all budgets!!
  • Opportunity to earn real cash and commissions up to 40%.

  • Daily promo codes, surfer rewards and ongoing Loyalty Rewards for active members.

  • Promote and Earn from 5% - 25% referral credits.
  • Responsive and Caring Owner/Admin.


  • Dynamic ratios...the more you surf the more traffic you earn up to 1:3.

  • Weekly and Monthly surf promos.
  • Play games while you surf, win bonus credits, banners, texts and cash prizes.

  • Surf and network with a community of other active marketers and surfers.

  • Participating Cooperative Marketing Group Network Partner.

  • VTG and Food Game member.

Ladybugs with their happy-go-lucky travels living life without boundaries bring with them a sense of future prosperity, protection and promise of good fortune. At Ladybug Clicks, our goal is to inspire positivity, increased knowledge, and help you and your business thrive to your fullest capacity.

Your Journey Towards Future Marketing Prosperity Starts Here!!

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